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Project Description

Globe Trotter is a geographic trivia game heavily inspired by the 2009 Xbox 360 XNA studio game, Globe Clicker. Players race the clock to pin point famous Landmarks, Cities, and Countries around the globe.

This game is an active side project with updates happening sporadically. Look below to see download any version of the game and see the update logs.


Globe Trotter Alpha 1.0

Alpha 1.0

March 29 2017

Alpha 1.0 is the bare minimum MVP with known issues, Like Norway being populated with Asian cities, but that’s okay it’s out there for the world to see!

Alpha 2.0

April 21 2017

  • Gamepad Support
  • Added a timer UI element
  • Created a logo
  • Updated intro sequence
  • New background music
  • Stabilized map pins
  • Added a background image